Compatibility for Aquarius

If to have a good relation of friendship or love, the social group is important, in astrology what matters is the affinity and the combination of the planets that is what conforms the characters of the signs.


In this article, we will see the compatibility of Aquarius with the rest of the Zodiac.


It is easy to discover their love. They complement perfectly well and each of them will find in the other what they lack. However, it is a moody relation and not very easy.


They stand out as Friends but the love relation is not very good. When separated, they look for each other, but together are not happy.


The spirit of each of them is so full with Independence and revolution that they do not go together. Both need their own freedom.


If they are not competing all the time, they will have years of living together and happiness. This couple shares the same emotions and ideas so the couple can be very successful.


Even that at the first time they feel love, in little time the little dialogue will be incomprehensible and there will be dangers that may lead to a separation.


They are so opposed that only a deep love can avoid the dissolution between them.


It is an harmonic relation where both of them have a lot in common. Maybe there is jealousy but they will forget problems soon.



They are sensible relations that are easily broken. There is not pacific living together and the most recommended is distance.


As any of them are patient so not say things as they feel, it will only be with a lot of love that this relation can work.


It is a wonderful complement, mainly at work and study. They are very good to integrate and form a family.


As both talk sincerely and hate dram, there will be no superficiality in their behaviors. The only danger can be the lack of control of their impulses.


Even that their passion can be intense, it can also be short. Both will share projects and tastes as well as adventure.

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