Aquarius Personality

To be able to understand the predictions of the Aquarius horoscope today, it is essential before reading them to make a brief reading of the character of this sign. This is good to do because this way, we can understand better the messages and signals that are given through the astrological messages.


Now, and to start with it, you need to have clear that the sign of Aquarius is presented from 21st January to 19th February. So, if you have been born between these dates, the sign of Aquarius is the one that reins you.

The Personality of Aquarius

When we talk about the personality of Aquarius, we need to talk about the key elements that influence it. These are two, its planet which is Saturn and also its element, which is Air. This makes Aquarius be guided by the side of ideas and freedom.

Having said this, it is moment to know some of the highlighted features of the personality of Aquarius:

To start with it, you need to know that this is a sign full of intelligence. It guides the way it acts by reason, but it is not far from emotions. But, it is also a passionate fighter of the right causes.

Now, the Air in Aquarius is seen represented in its character for the taste of freedom and because people of this sign are usually very independent.

At the same time, people under Aquarius usually guide their lives with originality and, because of this, they usually contradict the others.

In a general way, they are respectful and very honest.

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