Amulets for Aquarius : what you need to know about them

The natives of each of the different signs have their own lucky charms and we have to know which are the best ones for us accordingly. The advantages of carrying a good luck charm is that we can get safety and security in life and, it can also attract love, etc. In this post,  we will see what the amulets for Aquarians are, and how they should use them. We will also discuss how they can create amulets based on objects that have been given to them by friends or special people in their lives.


Amulets for Aquarians: money, luck and protection

Amulets that each of the signs have to use in their day to day and get all the protection they need as well as health, good luck and find what they want are different for each of them. In this case, we must say that amulets are given to us by each of the planets that influence each of the signs. In the case of Aquarius, the planet that governs its natives is Uranus.

Thus, we can say that the favorable stones that Uranus gives Aquarians to create their own amulets are rock crystal, jasper, turquoise, sapphire, tourmaline, sapphire blue, zircon and violet amethyst.

In the case of metals, we must say that Aquarians should use uranium, aluminum, mercury and lead metals as their lucky metals to create their own amulets.

Unlike other signs, Uranus does not have a connection with vegetable elements, so Aquarians have no natural elements they can use in their amulets. Anyways, we have to say that they are the ones who have more stones and metals have; so, we are sure that it will be as easy for them to find everything they seek for their amulets with them.
What Aquarians have to have clear is that the amulets that we have are unique and they cannot be touched by anyone else rather than us. The energies that amulets have must be ours, so they can bring us what we want or need in life. In case someone touches our amulets, we have to clean it and, to do so, we will need to leave the amulet for a whole night under the light of the full Moon.

We also have to say that Aquarians can make their own personal amulets of any valuables that someone special has given them. In this case, the objects must be activated and, to do so, we will have to put the elements we want to use as amulets under the light of the moon as if we were to clear them. Thus, we will be able to enjoy a unique and personal amulet.

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